2018 Senate Special Election

Academic Senate Special Election Ballot

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2018 Special Election Slate of Nominees
–  PDF version

Election Results and Statistics:
2018 Special Election Election Results and Statistics
– PDF version

Nomination Petition Forms:
Elected Positions on the Council on Academic Personnel (CAP) and the Committee on Committees (COC)

Policies and Procedures:

Irvine Bylaw 180. Selection of Divisional Officers
Irvine Bylaw 181. Selection of Council on Academic Personnel
Irvine Bylaw 182. Selection of the Committee on Committees
Irvine Bylaw 183. Selection of Other Standing Committees
Irvine Bylaw 185. Ballots
Irvine Bylaw 195. Return of Ballots and Petitions
Senate Bylaw 95. Mail Ballots and/or Electronic Ballots(Repealed 7 May 1998 – Duties to Bylaws 145-153)

If you would like to volunteer to serve on a Senate committee, please contact Natalie Schonfeld in the Academic Senate Office.*