Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors & Financial Aid (BUSHFA)

Chair: Dominik Wodarz
Senate Analyst: Julie Kennedy


  1. Recommend to the President, through the Chancellor, the awarding of scholarships according to the terms of the various conditions set forth and subject to such other conditions as the Divisional Senate Assembly my prescribe.
  2. Make recommendations to the President through the Chancellor, to the Irvine Division, or to the Academic Senate, or to the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs regarding the policies of the University on scholarships, honors, and financial aids.


The Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Financial Aid shall consist of at least ten (10) members of the Division and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Dean of Undergraduate Education, ex officio.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Bylaw 138. Teaching, Learning and Student Experience, Council on