Assessment Committee (CAC)

A subcommittee of the Council on Educational Policy

Subcommittee Chair: Arvind Rajaraman
Subcommittee AnalystMichelle AuCoin


  1. Provide guidance on all matters related to student learning assessment, including policy development around assessment of student learning at the classroom, course, program, general education, and institutional levels.
  2. Provide counsel to departments, schools, and Academic Senate committees on matters relating to student learning assessment.  Review program assessment plans and reports and make recommendations to improve student learning. Prepare periodic reports on the status of student learning assessment within academic programs.
  3. Make recommendations to CEP regarding the assessment of the general education program, including recommendations based on the review of general education courses and categories.
    • Develop and maintain guidelines and procedures for both periodic comprehensive assessment and continual ongoing assessment of learning outcomes for each general education category.
    • Evaluate the results of these assessments and make recommendations to CEP based on these results.
    • Monitor the University’s progress in implementing its assessment plans, including those resulting from regional re-accreditation review, and promote the use of assessment results in planning activities.


The CEP Assessment Committee shall consist of one member from each Faculty offering an undergraduate degree appointed by the Committee on Committees for a three-year term..  The Committee shall also consist of two faculty members from the Council on Educational Policy appointed by the Council Chair for a one-year term.  The Assessment Committee Chair shall be elected from the CEP faculty, with preference given to the member with prior experience conducting student learning assessment.  The Director of Assessment and Research Studies shall be an ex officio member.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Irvine Bylaw 85: Council on Educational Policy and its subcommittees