Senate Office Staff


Staff Responsibilities Systemwide Committees
Natalie Schonfeld
Executive Director
(949) 824-6727
Senate Cabinet
Divisional Senate AssemblyCommittee on Privilege and Tenure (CPT)
Committee on Committees (COC) support
Budget, Personnel Supervision and Management
Fiscal Planning, Systems Design, and Information Services
Liaison to Special Committees, Ad Hocs & Task Force
Executive Liaison
Academic Council
Universitywide Assembly
Privilege and Tenure (UCPT)
Christine Aguilar
Administrative Analyst
(949) 824-7458
Committee on Scholarly Honors and Awards (SHA)
Distinguished Faculty Lectures
Council on Academic Personnel (CAP) support
Committee on Committees (COC) support
Senate Website
Senate Newsletter
Michelle AuCoin
Council Analyst
(949) 824-6728
Council on Educational Policy (CEP)
Subcommittee on Programs and Policy (Policy)
Subcommittee on Courses (SCOC)
Assessment Committee (CAC)
Non-Degree Granting Undergraduate Program Reviews
Educational Policy (UCEP)
Preparatory Education (UCOPE)
Wendy Chamorro
Council Analyst
(949) 824-8340
Senate Cabinet
Divisional Senate Assembly
Council on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools (CUARS)
Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (CRJ)
Academic Senate Manual
Senate Manual Board on Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS)
Rules and Jurisdiction (UCRJ)
Adriana Collins
Council Analyst
(949) 824-5205
Graduate Council (GC)
Academic Program Review Board (APRB)
Subcommittee on International Education (SCIE)
Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA)
International Education (UCIE)
Lynn Harris
Council Analyst
(949) 824-3922
Council on Academic Personnel (CAP)
Ad Hoc Committees to CAP
Academic Personnel (UCAP)
Julie Kennedy
Council Analyst
(949) 824-5559
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity and Academic Freedom (CFW)
Emeriti Affairs Subcommittee
Council on Teaching, Learning and Student Experience (CTLSE)
Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors and Financial Aid (BUSHFA)
Campuswide Honors Program
Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB)
Committee on Privilege and Tenure
Academic Freedom (UCAF)
Affirmative Action and Diversity (UCAAD)
Faculty Welfare (UCFW)
Rachel Mangold
Administrative Analyst
(949) 824-8213
Senate Calendar
Budget, Personnel and Purchasing
Information Management
Council on Academic Personnel (CAP) support
Academic Program Review Board (APRB) support
Admin support for Senate Chair, Chair- Elect, Executive Director
Thao Nguyen
Council Analyst
(949) 824-5163
Senate Elections
Council on Planning and Budget (CPB)
Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries (CORCL)
Committee on Committees (COC)
Planning and Budget (UCPB)
Research Policy (UCORP)
Library and Scholarly Communication (UCOLASC)
Committees (UCOC)
Academic Computing and Communication (UCAC)