2017-18 Senate Activities





Undergraduate Degree Proposals



  1. BA in Environmental Science & Policy
  2. BS in Psychology


Graduate Degree Proposals


  • Ph.D. in the History & Theory of Music
  • Ph.D. in Language Science
  • SSGPDP-Master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • SSGPDP-Master of Presentation Design
  • SSGPDP-Master of Engineering

In Process

  • MA in English-SSGPDP Conversion
  • PhD in International Studies



Degree Name Change Proposals



  • MS & Ph.D. in Civil Engineering to MS & Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • MA & Ph.D. in Psychology to MS & Ph.D. in Cognitive Science
  • BA and Ph.D. in Psychology & Social Behavior to BA and Ph.D. in Psychological Science


Academic Program Review



  • School of Biological Sciences
  • 1 year follow-ups-Summer Session and Physical Sciences
  • 4 year follow-up-Arts
  • 7 year follow-up-Social Ecology
  • Initiation of APR to take place in 2018-19-Education and Public Health
  • Anteater Leadership Academy Pilot



Department Proposals



Reconstitution of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Sciences (ChEMS) into two departments ( Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and the Department of Materials Science & Engineering


In Process
Department of Global and International Studies



Department and Academic Unit Name Change Proposals


  • Department of Linguistics to the Department of Language Science
  • Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures to the Department of East Asian Studies
  • Department of Psychology & Social Behavior to Psychological Science
  • College of Health Sciences (COHS) to the Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences

In Process

  • Campuswide Honors Program (renaming and reconfiguration)










  • Academic Senate Bylaw 128-Conflict of Interest
  • Modification, Review and Comment
  • Senate Regulation 424.A.3 (Area d)–Science Requirement
  • Task-force Report on the Negotiated Salary Trial Program
  • APM 285, APM 210-3, APM 133, APM 740, APM 135, APM 235-LSOE Faculty Series
  • Presidential Policy on Open Access for Theses and Dissertations
  • Presidential Policy on Supplement to Military Pay-Four Year Renewal
  • Presidential Policy on Disclosure of Financial Interests and Management of COI in Private Sponsors of Research and APM 028

In Process

  • APM 675-Veterinary Medicine Salary Administration





  • Irvine Bylaw 90-New Senate Council on Equity and Inclusion
  • Local Guidelines for the 3rd Year Review of SSGPDPs
  • Redesigned Student Course Feedback Form
  • Flowcharts for Senate program reviews based on the Compendium
  • Local Processes for Routing Program & Unit Proposals (Senate-AP working group)
  • Participated in working group to determine SSGPDPs data collection needs
  • Relocation of an Academic Program, Degree, or Department

Modification, Review, and Comment

  • Updated Local Guidelines for the Development of SSGPDPs
  • Irvine Bylaw 85-modified Council on Educational Policy Bylaws-moved assessment into Policy’s charge
  • Irvine Bylaw 180-updated Divisional Officer Selection Process
  • Irvine Bylaw 181-updated CAP Selection Process
  • Irvine Bylaw 182-updated COC Selection Process
  • Irvine Regulation 520-updated GE language
  • Irvine Appendix I, Chapter I-Business Bylaw update
  • Irvine Appendix I, Chapter VI-Humanities Bylaw update
  • Irvine Appendix I, Chapter X-Social Ecology Bylaw update
  • Irvine Appendix IV, Apportionment-Assembly Representation updated
  • APP 480-5-Eligibility to Serve as a Principal Investigator

In Process

  • Appendix II – Student Academic Grievance Procedures
  • Appendix III – Procedures for Hearing Complaints of Faculty Code Violations and Grievances
  • Bylaw 35 – Committee Membership and Faculty with Administrative Titles
  • Bylaw 60 – Committee on Committees – rescinding nominations
  • Consultant and Ex Officio Expectations and Guidelines
  • Committee Chair and Member Expectations and Guidelines
  • Senate Consultation



Academic Personnel



  • Review of 433 Personnel Files (and counting)



Assembly Presentations



  • Faculty Executive Committee Shared Governance Roles and Responsibilities
  • Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures
  • UCIPD – Campus and Classroom Emergency Preparedness
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Student Information System (ISIS)



Collaborations with the Administration



  • Brainstorming group to rethink Student Affairs
  • Implementation of recommendations from UCI-UCIPD
    Community Relations Senate Report
  • Academic Planning Group (APG)



Endowed Chair Consultation Reviews



  • Ralph J. and Carol M. Cicerone Chair in Earth System Science
  • Falmagne Endowed Chair in Mathematical Psychology or Mathematical Cognitive Sciences
  • Jerry D. Choate Endowed Chair in Urologic Oncology
  • Dhan Kaur Sahota Presidential Chair in Sikh Studies
  • Five Samueli Endowed Chairs
  • Shri Parshvanath Presidential Chair in Jain Studies





  • Faculty Senate Awards (8 awards, 100 in attendance)



Faculty Grievances and Discipline



  • SVSH Policies and Timeline Review
  • APM 016 Review
  • OCR Findings Review
  • Hearings (1)
  • Grievance Reviews (6)
  • Faculty Inquiries (12)
  • Other (1)






  • Chair/Founding Dean, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Director/Founding Dean of Proposed School of Population Health
  • VC College of Health Sciences
  • Ad Hoc Dean Review Committee, Biological Sciences
  • Ad Hoc Dean Review Committee, Social Sciences
  • Faculty judges for Advancement Big Ideas Challenge Competition
  • Committee on the Institute for California Art
  • Assistant Chief, UCI Public Safety
  • Police Chief, UCI Public Safety
  • Public Safety Advisory Board
  • Student Excellence Center
  • Unit 18 Review Group


Policy Recommendations and Reviews



  • Instructor of Record
  • Teaching evaluations data ownership and use
  • Student Recording of lectures and classes
  • Prerequistive checking for summer visitors
  • AP Redelegation  Review-Merit Considerations
  • AP Redelegation  Review-School of Law



Research Center and Institute Reviews



  • UCI Mind
  • Institute of Software Research
  • Epilepsy Research Center
  • Samuel Jordan for Persian Studies and Culture
  • Center in Law, Society, and Culture
  • Center for Hearing Research
  • Center for Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality
  • Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Center for Organizational Research
  • Center for Study of Cannabis
  • Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute
  • Center for Asian Studies
  • UCI Long US-China Institute



Student Grievances and Appeals



  • Respond to student grievances and work with the Administration when possible to resolve them (5)
  • In Process
    Medical Student Grievance Hearing
  • Academic Integrity Appeal Reviews and Hearings (20)



Ad Hoc Groups and Task Forces


  • Ad Hoc Committee to review Advising at UCI
  • Ad Hoc Committee to develop a charge for a new Senate
    Standing Committee on Diversity (new Council on Equity and Inclusion)
  • Task Force on Undocumented Students
  • Ad Hoc Committee to Redesign the Senate Faculty Awards Event
  • Ad Hoc Committee to Update Deans Search and Deans Review Guidelines


Senate Sponsored Events


  • UC Post-Employee Benefits Presentations by Professor D. Brownstone (3/1/18 and 3/21/18)
  • Academic Freedom Event with Chancellor H. Gillman and Dean S. Richardson (4/25/18)