Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB)

*a subcommittee of CTLSE*

: Annie Lai
Senate Analyst: Michelle Chen

The Academic Integrity Review Board shall consist of fourteen members. Three Associate Deans representing undergraduate student education and three Associate Deans representing graduate student education shall be ex officio members of the Board.


  1. Convene panels to hear student appeals of academic integrity cases. (See Appendix VIII. Section VI.D. Role of the Hearing Panel.) The Hearing Panel shall consist of two faculty, two students, and one Associate Dean. The Hearing Panel will be convened for each case submitted during the year. The pool from which the panels shall be drawn consists of all faculty on the Academic Integrity Review Board, and student Peer Academic Advisors selected by the VPTL and Dean of Undergraduate Education from a larger pool. The Academic Integrity Review Board Chair will select an Associate Dean to serve on the hearing panels.
  2. Make recommendations to the Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, and the Academic Senate regarding policies and procedures on academic integrity.
  3. Report summary of activities annually to the CTLSE.

Policies and Procedures: