Academic Program Review Board (APRB)

Chair: Jutta Heckhausen
Senate Analyst: Thao Nguyen


The Academic Program Review Board (APRB) is a standing board of the Council on Educational Policy and the Graduate Council. Under the APRB a School is reviewed on a ten-year cycle. The primary goal of the academic program reviews is to evaluate the quality of UCI’s undergraduate and graduate education. Reviews are intended to be helpful and supportive in (a) recognizing strengths and achievements, (b) promoting goal setting and planning, and (c) identifying areas in need of attention.


The Academic Program Review Board consists of two members from the Council on Educational Policy (CEP) and two members from the Graduate Council (GC), appointed by the Chairs of CEP and GC, respectively, and one Division member who serves as Chair. The APRB Chair is appointed for a three-year term by the Committee on Committees, and is required to have prior experience on either the CEP or GC, with strong preference given to Division members with prior experience conducting program reviews.

Policies and Procedures:

Bylaw 85. Educational Policy (Undergraduate), Council on
Bylaw 100. Graduate Council