Campuswide Honors Program Board (CHPB)

Chair: Miryha Runnerstrom
Analyst: Lisa Roetzel


  1. Determine admission to the Program and the policies of admission, within adopted guidelines;
  2. Certify graduation from the Program and determine policies relating to graduation;
  3. Approve courses and instructors for lower- and upper-division courses in the Campuswide Honors Program curriculum, and determine the policies for same, within adopted guidelines
  4. Advise the chief administrator of the Campuswide Honors Program concerning the academic advising of students in the Program or enrolled in its courses, recruitment of such students, extracurricular opportunities and academic prerequisites (such as housing and library privileges) for Campuswide Honors Program students.


The Campuswide Honors Program Board shall consist of one member appointed from each of the Faculties with undergraduate degree programs, and the Dean of Undergraduate Education and the Director of the Campuswide Honors Program, ex officio.

The chief administrator of the Campuswide Honors Program shall be the Dean of Undergraduate Education.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Bylaw 138. Teaching, Learning and Student Experience, Council on