Committee on Committees (COC)

Committee ChairVeronica Vieira
Committee AnalystChristine Aguilar


  1.  Nominate members for election to the elected committees and offices and appoint members of other standing and special committees of the Division.
  2. Appoint chairs of committees of the Division except for those whose method of appointment is otherwise specified in the Bylaws.
  3. Fill by appointment any permanent vacancy that may occur in a Senate office or committee for the balance of the vacated term. Temporary vacancies should be filled by appointment until the occupant of that position again available for service. Such a temporary appointment ordinarily will have a term of one or more complete academic quarters.
  4. Maintain liaison with the University Committee on Committees.


The Committee on Committees of the Irvine Division shall consist of the Chair of the Division, ex officio, and one member elected at large from each faculty named in Bylaw 40 (A), except that three members shall be elected at large from the College of Health Sciences, representing respectively the clinical medical departments, the basic science medical departments, and faculty who are part of the College of Health Sciences, but outside of the School of Medicine.  No member may be elected for consecutive terms.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Irvine Bylaw 35: Committees

Irvine Bylaw 60: Committee on Committees

Irvine Bylaw 180: Selection of Divisional Officers

Irvine Bylaw 181: Selection of the Council on Academic Personnel

Irvine Bylaw 182: Selection of the Committee on Committees

Irvine Bylaw 183: Selection of other Standing Committees

Irvine Bylaw 185: Ballots