Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (CRJ)

Committee Chair: Scott Bartell
Interim Committee Analyst: Christine Aguilar


  1. Review legislation to be presented for action to the Divisional Senate Assembly by agencies or members of the Division to verify and to ensure the conformity of such proposed legislation with the Code of the Senate.
  2. Advise the Division, its Officers, Committees, Faculties, and members in all matters of organization, jurisdiction, and interpretation of legislation of the Academic Senate and its agencies. Such advice is not formally binding but suggests the likely outcome should a formal Legislative Ruling be requested.
  3. Issues formal legislative rulings to resolve disputes or clear up ambiguities in the Code of the Senate regarding Senate authority, procedures, or jurisdiction. Legislative rulings are binding unless modified by subsequent legislative or Regental action.


The Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction shall consist of five Division members. The Registrar shall be an ex officio non-voting member.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Irvine Bylaw 125: Rules and Jurisdiction, Committee on
Irvine Bylaw 175: Modification of Legislation
Procedures for Enacting Proposed Divisional Legislation
Guidelines for Modifying UCI Bylaws, Regulations, and Appendices

The Academic Senate is governed by the Code of the Senate, which comprises: