Reserve CAP

Reserve Council on Academic Personnel

Charge: A Reserve Council on Academic Personnel (RCAP) will be established for each academic year.  The RCAP will make decisions on CAP cases involving active CAP members, former CAP members from the last two years, and other faculty recommended by the CAP Chair due to special and unusual circumstances.

Appointment: The Committee on Committees will appoint the RCAP members from the schools, if possible, of the current and former CAP members under review that year.  The RCAP will be composed of a minimum of six regular members, depending on the total number of cases to be reviewed, with at least three serving on any given case.  RCAP members must have served on CAP for at least one complete academic year.  Former CAP members are not eligible to serve on RCAP for at least two years after their term on CAP ends.  RCAP service will be for one year (coinciding with the CAP annual membership cycle) with the possibility of re-appointment.  Consistent with the procedures for other Senate committees, the list of RCAP members will be posted on the Senate webpages.

Procedures:  The members of the RCAP will elect a Chair from within their ranks.  The RCAP Chair will select three members serving in any given case based on the expertise needed to judge specific cases.  The Chair can be one of those members.  The RCAP procedures are as similar as possible to those currently employed by CAP, including an opportunity to provide additional information prior to the final decision and the option of appointment of ad hoc reviewcommittees.