Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries (CORCL)

Council Chair: Lee Bardwell
Council Analyst: Michelle Chen


  1. Consider issues pertaining to fostering research.
  2. Advise the Chancellor and represent the Division on matters relating to research policy and administration and academic resources, including information technology, telecommunications, and library policies and administration on the Irvine campus.
  3. Administer general campus funds for faculty research and review and evaluate University-recognized research programs and units.
  4. Advise the Vice Chancellor for Research on campus nominees or applicants for research awards from foundations and other granting agencies which restrict the number of proposals submitted.
  5. Represent the Division on the University Committee on Research Policy, the University Committee on Library & Scholarly Communication, and the University Committee on Computing & Communications.
  6. A designated library representative shall be responsible for maintaining Council liaison with the University Librarian, and with any library committees that may exist in any of the Faculties.

Activities of CORCL should take into consideration the university’s mission to promote diversity.


The Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries shall consist of at least one member from each Faculty and no more than one member from any academic department. To balance the responsibilities of service among the members, each of the following Faculties shall have the following number of members:

  1. Biological Sciences (2 members), Health Sciences (2 members);
  2. Physical Sciences (2 members), Engineering (2 members), ICS (1 member);
  3. The Arts (1 member), Humanities (2 members); Education (1 member); and
  4. Social Sciences (2 members), Social Ecology (1 member), Business (1 member), Law (1 member).

The Vice Chancellor for Research, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Information Technology, and the University Librarian shall be ex officio non-voting members.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Irvine Bylaw 120: Council on Research, Computing and Library Resources