Faculty Research Grants: Cultural Research Grants

This program is not offered in 2017-18

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Program Guidelines

Grants are available from the Academic Senate Council on Research, Computing and Libraries for research projects and research-related travel for Cultural Research. All members of the UCI Academic Senate are eligible to apply for awards up to $10,000. Priority will be given to junior/non-tenured faculty. Grant recipients are required to submit a brief report on completed projects. Faculty serving on CORCL as Academic Senate members may not apply for this grant.


The purpose of this program is to support projects involving cultural analysis, interpretation and production. Grant funds may be expended on archival research, publication or performance subvention, field work or site visits, or research materials. Funded projects are usually in the areas of humanistic and social science disciplines and do not generally include medical or administrative studies, or studies of health and delivery systems.

Application Instructions:

Proposed research should have clear aims, sensible means of achieving them, and significance to the applicant’s field. Proposals should be written so that they are understandable to non-specialists. Awards may be used for whatever purpose, within University policies, the grantee believes will best aid in the research endeavor. Proposal budgets must be directly related to the research plan. Travel and equipment, if requested, should be essential to the research itself. Please provide a clear explanation to justify all budget items requested. If research involves human or animal subjects or the use of rDNA, funding will be contingent on approval of the protocol by the IRB, IACUC and/or the IBC. Although discouraged, summer salary and teaching buy-outs will be considered under exceptional circumstances. Funds are to be expended by June 30 of the academic year following the application.

The 2014-15 proposal deadline is Wednesday, March 18, 2015 by 11:59 p.m. Proposals will be reviewed at CORCL’s April 2015 meeting and applicants notified by May 2015.

If you have questions about the program, please contact:
Thao Nguyen
CORCL Analyst