Subcommittee on Courses & Continuing, Part-Time, & Summer Session Education (SCOC)

A subcommittee of the Council on Educational Policy

Subcommittee Chair: Sergey Nizkorodov
Subcommittee AnalystMichelle AuCoin


  1. Establish appropriate procedures for the approval of courses, propose policy related to courses, and take final action on the approval, disapproval, modification, withdrawal, conduct, credit valuation, inclusion of general education, and classification of courses.
  2. Take final action on the approval of routine program modifications (majors, minors, specializations, honors, etc).
  3. Review and approve or disapprove exception requests for Teaching Associates to teach upper-division, undergraduate courses.


One Division member from each Faculty offering an undergraduate degree to be appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Registrar and the Dean of Continuing Education shall be ex officio members.