Subcommittee on International Education (SCIE)

Subcommittee Chair: Zuzana Bic
Subcommittee Analyst: Thao Nguyen


  1. Provide academic policy oversight on all matters concerned with the University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP), UCI’s International Opportunities Program (IOP), the UCI Travel-Study program (suspended indefinitely as of September 2012), other formal educational activities of UCI students abroad, faculty exchanges between UCI and foreign universities, and other academic issues involving international education as requested.
  2. The subcommittee shall report to its parent councils and maintain liaison with the University Committee on International Education.


The subcommittee shall consist of one Division member from each Faculty offering an undergraduate and graduate degree to be appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Chair of the subcommittee shall be elected from this group of faculty.

The subcommittee shall also consist of two faculty members from the Council on Educational Policy appointed by the Council Chair and two faculty members from Graduate Council appointed by the Council Chair. Ex Officio members shall be the Faculty Director of the Study Abroad Center, the Dean of Undergraduate Education and the Dean of the Graduate Division. The Deans may designate the Associate Deans to represent them on the subcommittee.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Bylaw 85. Educational Policy (Undergraduate), Council on

Bylaw 100. Graduate Council – Subcommittee on International Education