Policy and Assessment Subcommittee

A subcommittee of the Council on Educational Policy

Subcommittee Chair: Stephen Mang
Subcommittee Analyst: Michelle AuCoin


  1. Review and recommend to CEP action on proposals for new undergraduate requirements: majors, minors, school requirements and/or substantial revisions to undergraduate requirements, general education, honors programs, etc.
  2. Review, upon CEP request, policy issues over which CEP has final approval authority and issues submitted for endorsement before final approval by the Divisional Senate Assembly.
  3. Review and recommend to CEP action on proposals for new or revised Change of Major criteria.
  4. Develop and maintain guidelines and procedures for periodic assessment and make recommendations to CEP on matters relating to assessment of learning outcomes as they arise.
  5. Make recommendations consistent with established educational policy and give full consideration to campus diversity issues, to the views of appropriate schools, departments, and other academic units in matters relating to their educational policy.


The subcommittee shall consist of at least six CEP members appointed by the Chair of CEP. The Dean of Undergraduate Education, the Campus Writing Coordinator, and the Registrar shall be ex officio members. The Composition Program Director shall be invited to attend as a consultant whenever a writing course or a writing policy issue is on the agenda.

Subcommittees: None

Policies and Procedures:

Bylaw 85. Educational Policy (Undergraduate), Council on