General Education course actions are approved by the Subcommittee on Courses (SCOC). When submitting course action requests, departments follow the procedures below. The term “department”, as used herein, refers to any school, department, unit, or group responsible for the development of programs, courses, or areas of study.

A. Course Action/General Education Form (CAF)

The Course Action/General Education Form (CAF) is used for all proposed general education actions: approval of new courses, changes in existing courses, deletions of courses, and request for deletion of general education (CAF).  The Electronic Course Action Form (ECAF) may be used to request changes to existing courses.

Departments identify on the CAF the General Education Category for which the course is proposed.

A justification or description of how a proposed new course will satisfy the general education requirement must be included with the CAF (Appendices and I).  A rationale for the change must be given if a change to an existing general education course is requested.

Upper-division writing courses require a Proposal for Upper-Division Writing Course Form (Appendices J  and K) in addition to the CAF.

B.            Approval of New Courses or Changes to Existing Courses 

1)     After approval by the school/department, and review by the Registrar’s and Editor’s Offices, the Course Action/General Education Form is submitted to SCOC for approval.

2)     If SCOC does not approve a course, the Senate Analyst will withdraw the proposed course from general education consideration and will contact the department to see if faculty would like to offer the course as a non-general education course.

C.            Cross-Listing General Education Courses

A general education requirement may be cross-listed with another course, such as a variable or special topics course, when the content is appropriate.  In this circumstance, the cross-listed course is also available for fulfillment of the general education requirement.  SCOC reviews a Course Action/General Education Form for each of the cross-listed courses.