Council on Educational Policy (CEP)

Council Chair: Tony Smith
Council Analyst: Michelle AuCoin


  1. Considers all matters related to academic policy, makes recommendations regarding curricula and programs and other educational matters, including general campus requirements and grading systems, issues recommendations on the establishment, substantive modifications or withdrawal of academic programs, and reviews and reports on the character of the educational programs on the Irvine campus. The Council is authorized to act for the Division in approving new or amended degree requirements, including new or amended minors, specializations, concentrations or emphasis, recommended to the Division by the several Faculties.
  2. Acts as a screening committee for the general education options. It reviews courses submitted by the academic units, and approves or disapproves them according to the guidelines listed in Appendix V of the Divisional Senate Manual. The Council reviews all general education option courses at regular intervals and take appropriate action.
  3. Advises on all educational policy matters pertaining to programs outside of the core campus undergraduate programs, including, but not limited to, matters relating to international education and continuing, part time, and summer session education. In matters pertaining to the establishment, substantive modification or withdrawal of programs that may impact core campus academic programs, the Council issues recommendations with the Graduate Council, as applicable.
  4. Maintains liaisons with the Systemwide University Committees on Educational Policy (UCEP), Preparatory Education, and UC Education Abroad.


The Council on Educational Policy (Undergraduate) shall consist of two members from each Faculty offering an undergraduate degree. The Chairs of the Subcommittee on Courses and Continuing, Part-Time, and Summer Session Education, the Subcommittee on International Education, the Faculty Board for Undecided/Undeclared Students, the Registrar, the Dean of Undergraduate Education, and the Campus Writing Coordinator shall be ex officio members.


Policies and Procedures:

Irvine Bylaw 85: Council on Educational Policy