Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience (CTLSE)

Council Chair: Ian Straughn
Council Analyst: Julie Kennedy


The Council shall promote teaching, its quality, evaluation and promotion, diversity, equal opportunity, and the quality of the student experience, and shall advise the Chancellor and the Irvine Division on issues in the areas of teaching, student life and welfare, and intramural and intercollegiate athletics.

  1. Teaching
    • Consider policies and issues concerning the quality of teaching on campus, e.g., the improvement and evaluation of teaching and the role of teaching in academic advancement.
    • Advise administrators, faculty, and other Senate committees on matters affecting the quality of teaching on campus and matters affecting teaching contributions that promote diversity and equal opportunity.
    • Make recommendations to the above and other appropriate bodies concerning such issues as the improvement of teaching, the evaluation of teaching, and the assessment of teaching in the academic personnel process.
    • Formulate general policies concerning instructional support activities on campus, and advise the administration regarding campus budgetary needs for instructional support.
    • Advise the Dean of Graduate Division, VPTL and Dean of Undergraduate Education, and the Center for Engaged Instruction regarding programs and services that will foster effective teaching, to stimulate and aid all departments in fostering effective teaching.
    • Select faculty and other instructors for Celebration of Teaching Awards and other awards as appropriate. Provide direction to the Center for Engaged Instruction in matters regarding CTLSE business, and when required, in any matters concerning the Council’s instructional support.
  2. Student Affairs
    • Consider and review formally as needed, those programs of the Office of Student Affairs, the Graduate Division, and the Division of Undergraduate Education that affect the University experience of UCI students. Such programs include, but are not limited to: the Learning and Academic Resource Center, Student Transition Services, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Career Center, Student Health Service, Counseling Center, Disability Services, Cross Cultural Center, and the UCI Bookstore.
    • Consider and review formal matters affecting the promotion of student diversity and equal opportunity as defined by the University of California Diversity Statement (adopted by the Assembly of the Academic Senate on May 10, 2006). Such a review includes but is not limited to, an examination of enrollment, retention, and student satisfaction/campus engagement data.
    • Advise the Chancellor on behalf of the Academic Senate regarding the allocation of student registration fees and recommendations for the enhancement of student diversity and equal opportunity.
    • Appoint ad hoc Grievance Panels to hear student grievances which pertain to matters under the authority of the Academic Senate and, where such grievances are found to be justified, the Panel shall determine appropriate means of redress. Hearings by the Grievance Panel and related procedures are to be conducted in accordance with Appendix II. Grievance Panels shall consist of three voting members of the Academic Senate, at least one of whom is a member of the CTLSE; this member shall be chair of the Panel.
  3. Intramural and Intercollegiate Athletics
    Review and report to the Chancellor and the Irvine Division on issues of significance regarding the UCI intramural and intercollegiate athletics program.


The Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience (CTLSE) shall consist of twelve members of the Irvine Division, with at least one member from each Faculty offering an undergraduate degree. The chair of the Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Financial Aids (BUSHFA); the chair of the Campuswide Honors Collegium Board; the chair of the Academic Integrity Review Board; the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning (VPTL) and Dean of Undergraduate Education; the Dean of the Graduate Division; and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs shall be ex officio members of the council.

Subcommittees: Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Financial Aids; Campuswide Honors Collegium Board; Academic Integrity Review Board

Policies and Procedures:

Irvine Bylaw 138: Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience