Policies and Procedures



FAQ  – What are the steps to submit a proposal for a new graduate degree program?

See Senate Instructions on how to create a graduate degree proposal

FAQ  – How long will this process take?

Please note, there is no set turnaround time from start (campus level) to finish (approval from CCGA and President Napolitano) as each proposal varies but those submitting a proposal for a new graduate degree program should estimate 1-2 years.

FAQ  – What’s CCGA?

The Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA) advises the Senate and University administration on all matters regarding the promotion of research and learning related to graduate education. One of CCGA’s chief responsibilities is the authority to review and approve all campus proposals for new graduate programs and schools. CCGA meeting dates, agendas and minutes can be found here: http://senate.universityofcalifornia.edu/committees/ccga/

FAQ  – How often does Graduate Council meet?

Graduate Council typically meets once a month (see Schedule of Meetings).